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Stanley Spencer's Legacy: John Spencer in Conversation with Amanda Bradley

Tuesday May 10th, 8pm.
Pinder Hall. Lower Road

Join us for fascinating insights from Stanley’s grandson John, who has researched extensively for a series of books exploring the writings of Spencer, the first of which has been published.  He will be in conversation with art historian Amanda Bradley Petitgas.

Amanda Bradley Petitgas is a Curator and Trustee of the Stanley Spencer Gallery.  She curated the 2013 exhibition at Somerset House, Stanley Spencer: Heaven in a Hell of War, as well as numerous exhibitions at the Stanley Spencer Gallery, including the 2022 exhibition, Delight in Nature: Stanley Spencer’s World. She has also worked for the University of Cambridge, the National Gallery and the National Trust.

Amanda is also currently Chair and co-founder of the Athena Art Foundation, a charity which promotes the learning and understanding of pre-modern art on a digital platform, and is incoming Chair of the George Beaumont Group at the National Gallery.

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