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Dawn Chorus Walk with Andrew Padmore

Saturday 4th May, 4:30am
Quarry Woods

The Woodland Trust now owns a large area of woodland in the Royal Borough & beyond, managed
for 400 years, and existing for 1000s!

A May meeting in Quarry Wood has been organised for at least 20 years, and this year a similar walk forms part of the festival. An early morning walk in field & woodland habitats offers some of the best places to observe many bird species. Males take advantage of the silence to assert their territorial rights & attract willing females. Andrew Padmore of Wild Cookham will lead a group of early-risers in searching for, and listening to, a wide range of bird life.
Andrew and his family have lived in Cookham for 30 years & locally since the 1960s. Involved firstly with the Middle Thames Natural History Society, then the National & Woodland Trusts & finally Wilds Maidenhead & Cookham, natural history has been a strong thread running through his life from an early age. He admits to obsessions with butterflies, ornithology, and fungi amongst others, and enjoys travelling, especially in spring & autumn to watch bird migrations.

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