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Creating imaginary semi-abstract landscapes
with Linda Saul ARWS

Saturday 30th March 2024
9:30am - 4pm
Cookham Dean Village Hall

An exciting opportunity for people who have some experience with watercolours. Working small we will use highly granulating watercolours in a very loose way, letting the watercolour do its own thing and generate amazing textures.  We will also see how some pigments can be influenced by a magnet.


What to bring:

Large brush
Smallish round brushes about size 12
An old toothbrush
Water container
Kitchen roll
Packed lunch
Feel free to bring your own favourite brushes and watercolours.

Linda will bring:
Detailed demonstrations
Granulating pigment

Frames and framing material for miniature for £12,
payable to artist. if you wish.

If you wish you can produce prints and or cards of your picture to sell on the final weekend of the festival. We can guide you through this process.

We are hoping all work produced will be on display in The Ferry, and if possible for sale from Tuesday 7th - Wednesday 15th May.

Tickets £40 each.

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