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Guided Tour of Stanley Spencer Gallery

Tuesday May 10th & May 17th, 5pm.
Stanley Spencer Gallery, SL6 9SJ

Stanley Spencer loved the world around him, and in particular his home village of Cookham. Not only were landscapes and still-lifes painted with exquisite detail, but they were also expressions of his visionary, spiritual world. Stanley complained that some of his landscapes were "pot boilers" - easily saleable works that helped him survive financially - but actually his study of nature informed and became a part of his figurative work. He delighted in the detail of each leaf and blade - for him everything had meaning,

This exhibition demonstrates how the natural world and the everyday were unified with Spencer's spiritual vision: how rubbish became something beautiful; suburban spaces were considered places for mysterious, heavenly happenings; and how the sacred co-existed with the profane. Spencer's paintings of the natural world were not just a financial necessity but were a form of personal redemption.

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