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The Walnuts

Sunday May 5th, 7:30pm
Holy Trinity Church

Who are the Walnuts - you may ask! Come for an evening with a difference.....


The Walnuts are a group of middle-aged musicians with a range of talents who play Celtic Funk, Folk and Americana.


They raise money for charities (over £80K over the years) by playing concerts in people’s front rooms, back gardens, kitchens, village halls, festivals, restaurants, churches, islands, boats, shop fronts, bakeries, distilleries, service stations, lighthouses and vineyards.


They are: 

Davie McGirr - Think Dustin Hoffman meets My Old Man's a Dustman.

Matt Allwright - Freakishly tall guitarist, the bloke off the telly. 

Donald Stewart - Fiddle legend and catwalk model. 

Fergus Muirhead - Also a legend, played bagpipes for Popes, Princes, Princesses and Chaka Khan ffs.

Stuart Roberts - Phenomenal drummer, nice bloke, great addition to the Walnuts, probably regrets saying yes. 


Here's how they describe themselves: 

"We’re a sort of a disco/folk/country/blues/punk band. There is genuine musical talent lurking in places. Some say we are like a supergroup — if super is referring to an encyclopedic knowledge of European sausages. Fergus and Donald are actually super talented but with all the noise they make it's hard to tell ."

Tickets £12.

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