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Vasilis Xenopoulos/Paul Edis Quartet: Feels Like Home

Wednesday May 15th, 8pm
Pinder Hall

Vasilis and Paul began playing together 20 years ago when both relocated to West London to study. Originally from Greece, Vasilis had just finished studying at Berkley
College in the US, while Paul had moved South from the Northeast of England. In the intervening years, they’ve played numerous gigs together, releasing their debut album in 2016, A Narrow Escape, to critical acclaim.


With Joel Barford (drums) and Adam King (double bass), their latest recording features original music inspired by the theme of ‘home’…home in this sense represents not only the many places they’ve both lived, but also the people they’ve known along the way.

Join the quartet for what promises to be one of the highlights of this year's festival.

Tickets: £15

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