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Behind The Curtain: Clive Davis in Conversation with Richard Darbourne

Sunday 12th May, Noon
The Sir Bernard Miller Centre, Odney

Theatre doesn’t just happen. So, how does it work? Who decides what and who we see, and where we see it? What influences these decisions? Can the theatre afford to be more than entertainment? Why is the West End so expensive? These are some of the questions which  many of us ask? Will answers be found during the course of this discussion between two men who understand the theatre from different perspectives, and are leaders in their areas of expertise? They will look at what happens before the curtain goes up, and some of the challenges that will be faced along the way

Clive Davis is chief theatre critic of The Times, and also writes on politics and the arts in general. He has written and presented Radio 4 documentaries on the novelist Richard Wright and the journalist and historian William L. Shirer. His other claim to fame is that he lives in Cookham


Richard Darbourne is senior producer at ATG Productions, an international theatrical production company dedicated to producing critically acclaimed, commercially successful and creatively ambitious work for the West End, Broadway and beyond. It is the in-house production company of the Ambassador Theatre Group, the world’s largest live theatre company. 

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