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John Timewell: Shakespeare As Shakespeare Knew Him

Sunday May 5th, 4pm
The Sir Bernard Miller Centre, Odney

Shakespeare's plays offer great opportunities for directors and actors alike, but pose many challenges, and successful productions require a fundamental understanding of the man, his works, and their context. 

John Timewell has been known as a leading figure in the Arts in Cookham and the surrounding area for many years, on stage as a performer, as an orchestral or choral conductor, or as a director of plays, principally the works of Shakespeare. What is less known about John is that he gained a Masters degree in Shakespeare and Theatre while studying at the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon. He now brings his knowledge and understanding of Shakespeare’s world to the Cookham Festival. 


He will invite you to walk with him through the streets, taverns and theatres of Early Modern London, exploring Shakespeare's influence on the theatre of his time, and the impact that his life in London had on him and his work. Unlikely methods of producing the text will be investigated, entertaining rehearsal procedures will be demonstrated, and you may even find that you have a line or two to deliver!

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